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The Mirari Dreams Gallery


Mirari Dreams Spirit Art  -  The Undiscovered Country  

Creating Meaningful Spirit Art using the Energies of Transdimensional Spirits and a Digital Camera





A Magic Camera - Marvelous Photography  

I have a magic camera, or more accurately, when I take photographs, transdimensional magic happens. I point and click and otherworldly images appear in my photographs. 


To me it really is like magic and it still seems that way more than eleven years after I took my first photograph, which also displayed the first of many thousands of anomalies I was to receive in every paranormal photography category. 


It was no surprise, then, when I discovered an entirely new form of art using my own spirit-haunted landscape photographs. 


This website showcases the Mirari Spirit Art, detailing what it is and how it is co-created as a collaborative effort between a human artist and transdimensional entities from Otherwhere


I write about paranormal imagery in many aspects of my work, but in the Mirari Dreams art, it is the spirits who tell the story individually in each unique piece. 





 Shrine of Spiritual Healing




Mirari - A Wonderful Sight 

The word 'mirari' can be used to describe a n effect in nature which cannot be attributed to any ordinary process or act of nature or man. It may be an action or sight that might indicate the intervention of supernatural or divine energies. This effect may be considered a sign of such an event having occurred. 


The origins of the word mirari lie far back in the mists of time, having Indo-European roots. 


Mirari is related to the notion of gazing at or looking at something. The Classical Latin word means  to be bewildered, surprised, amazed, astonished at, or to marvel and wonder at and admire. It is derived from the word mirus, which means wonderful, remarkable or strange. 


It can also mean a fortunate or supernatural outcome which occurs against all odds, or a marvelous or exceptional visible example of some description. 


The word miracle is derived from mirari, and pertains to wonder-working, a miraculous legend or a marvelous story. It means to make wonderful, referring to an event which has its origin in supernatural or otherworldly domains. It is also the origin of the words admire and mirage


Many centuries ago during medieval times, Mirari were also a type of early-Christian mystery play or dramatic spectacle that were crafted around sacred and holy objects or the lives of saints. 




Miracle in the Tree 




Please note: All the Mirari art that you will view in the Mirari Dreams website was created entirely from mirrored photographs of rural landscapes. No living people or animals were included in any of these photographs. All the entities you will see, human, animal or other, are the result of spirit activity caught on camera. 



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