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About Jane Tripp


Jane Tripp is a transdimensional and trans-time photographer, researcher, artist and writer. Her life-long preoccupation with and study of the mysterious world of the paranormal has led her deep inside a world of amazing discoveries and fantastic revelations.


These discoveries include proof of time travel and demonstrations of trans-time photography (photographing the past or future) as well new information about the nature of the photograph itself and the development of an editing technique that reveals details of photographic anomalies.


She has created an important body of work that includes eBooks, articles, photographs and paintings. 


Her areas of interest and research include but are by no means limited to the paranormal, paranormal image and video research and editing, time and time-travel as well as other areas of ‘high strangeness’. Jane is also a Reiki Master who studies subtle energies and alternative holistic healing modalities. 





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The Artist's Relationship with the Mirari 

The art showcased in this document represents only a very small percentage of the many hundreds of Mirari that exist.


A lot of them contain paranormal content which can be clearly seen in the original photographs, and many have been edited as transdimensional photos and have been, or will be, presented as such elsewhere. 


The Mirari are being shown here as light-paintings as well as photographs or outright examples of photographic anomalies. 


They are more about a relationship between the otherworld and an artist and mystic than they are about a writer, researcher and transdimensional photographer, because I am all these people at different times, and a few more besides. 


The Mirari are about the impact that they have upon those who contemplate them.  


The shapes, colors and visible transdimensional activity make them exciting and unusual windows into another world, and the artist believes the possibility that most of them contain esoteric information and supernatural messages to be high and therefore worthwhile sharing. 




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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp