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House of Sekhmet    

House of Sekhmet, House of Cats  



The Ancient Egyptians knew their deities as Neteru (male singular: Neter; female singular: Netert). Although this term has been translated to mean 'gods', the Egyptian concept of deity was a little different in interpretation than what is generally meant by 'god' or 'goddess'.   


The three 'realms' in Ancient Egypt consisted, very basically, of the mundane world of Earth, the celestial worlds and heavens, and the Tuat, which represents the underworld.     


The many statues of the Neteru were to the Egyptians reflections of a greater reality, and it was the energies of these 'gods' who made the unmanifest manifest.   


The Neteru manifested their specific energies in different ways. One way that their energies manifested on Earth was as nature, or through the natural world, but obviously it is a hugely complex subject.   


Sekhmet is a major deity in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. She is the fierce lion-headed solar goddess, born of her father the sun god Ra. She is an Eye of Ra, a ferocious warrior and protectress dressed in red, terrible when angered, and yet also associated with healing and justice.   


Earlier forms of this goddess may reach back much farther into the mists of time. Sekhmet was known by over 100 names, and so ancient is she that one of these names is ' Lady of The Place of the Beginning of Time'. Another of these names is, appropriately for the Mirari in this section, 'Lady of Images'.   


Sekhmet is also associated with Hathor (and Bast the cat-headed goddess), but they really embody different and opposite aspects of the same energy system. Hathor is a goddess of music, childbirth and healing and is associated with the gentle and nurturing cow, as well as the solar and celestial realms.  


Sekhmet seems today to still be alive in the hearts and minds of many, and her energy also seems to be alive in the Mirari, as I have received many representations of her and other Neteru, some of which are shared in this document. I do not know why this is so, although I have my theories.   


In the gallery are just a few of the Mirari images in a collection which is themed around goddesses and gods of Egypt, and of course, felines.  


I have a very close bond with cats, and this love spills over into my spiritual life.  For those of you who also share a similar bond, I know that the Sekhmet gallery will be special.  


I now work with lions at a spiritual level and practice Lion Reiki as well as Kundalini Reiki, and Lion Reiki is excellent for healing, but in truth spirit lions have been around me since I was a very young child.  


I love all creatures, but resonate most strongly with felines, especially the African lion, which is my main totemic connection. Many lives often equal many connections to draw upon. 





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