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The Psychomanteum

Seeing Beyond the Veil


Raymond Moody wrote many books about near-death experiences, life after death, grieving and loss. He popularized the modern notion of the psychomanteum, a place where those who are grieving can meet, see and even converse briefly once more with loved ones who have passed over. 


A psychomanteum (originally used in Ancient Greece) is created today as a small space or ideally, a room, that is fitted with mirrors in a special design and where the potential contactee sits alone in the dark. Quite a high proportion of people who attempt this form of spirit contact have claimed success. 


In the case of the Mirari, the photograph is the psychomanteum, the digital room or landscape in which the dead meet the living once again. You do not know these people. I generally don't know them either, but they do want to be seen by the living, and they have expended quite a lot of effort in order to do so. 


There are many other places where my work is presented and analyzed in detail in order to bring to light the amazing details that are hidden in photographs containing paranormal content. The Mirari will not generally be presented in this way, leaving you the viewer to discover the spirits for yourself.






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