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Mirari Dreams Galleries

Windows to Another World

Please click on a Mirari art gallery to travel through the looking-glass into a beautiful mirror-world of secretive and colorful messages. They have been given to us by many different spirits who were coordinating their efforts with the photographer.



The Psychedelic Kaleidescope  - Gorgeous arrays of color and form to meditate upon. Color therapy for the eyes and soul.

The Psychomanteum  - Ghosts and spirits populate the mysterious images in The Psychomanteum.

Mythic Beings and Genius Loci  - Mythic beings speak through the Mirari along with the spirits of place who dwell in the living landscape.

The Nightfall Gallery - Mysterium  - Dark and haunted evening imagery forms a gallery of spirit-crafted twilight sketches. Coming soon

The House of Sekhmet  - Egyptian and feline themed art in which the energies of the ancient and powerful lion-headed Egyptian goddess Sekhmet and other Neteru also sometimes choose to reveal themselves.

Portals, Thresholds and Gateways  - Portals to other worlds, and those who choose to come through them...

Shrines and Altars  - Virtual shrines created with light.

Esoterica  - Mirari that are rich in sign, symbol and portent, and which also contain thought-provoking content.




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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp