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About the Mirari 

©MIRARI LIGHT TRANSMISSIONS - Reflections From A Magic Camera  

Light Paintings For A New Age    



What Exactly are Jane Tripp's Mirari Dreams? 

Photo = Light   Graphy = Writing - writing or painting with the light 


The power of the digital camera to record the action of light reflecting off its surroundings at a seconds notice makes it a very immediate and contemporary medium. 


It also allows spirits to paint their own imagery with that same light.


As an artist and also a physical photographic medium whose gift manifests partly as the ability to record spirit activity in photographs, the Mirari are a most startling and engaging example of a collaborative experiment between the Spirit World and a living human being. 


The cooperation between a living artist and transdimensional spirits working in unison has allowed beautiful and mysterious art containing real spirit images to be created in a seemingly magical way. 


The unique pieces are formed using the artist's own creative and mediumistic abilities along with the energies of spirits who provide and coordinate the reception of paranormal content, transforming landscape photography into unique and mystical imagery. 


Mirari are pieces of photographic art which could not be created without the help and coordination of the spirit world. They are presented as both art and meditation pieces.


The artist doesn’t create them alone but cannot ever, in this dimension, properly meet or speak with the co-creators of this unique type of spirit transmission. 


All the photos were taken in rural areas, usually wooded. When the photographs are taken, they are not posed but are shot swiftly and randomly with no consideration for composition. 


The Mirari mirror pieces are each created from single photographs, using natural landscape scenery as a canvas or backdrop for the imagery.


This combines with the natural-light palette and ectoplasm from the medium to produce mirrored 'light paintings' that frequently have an emotional impact on the people who view them. 



Mirroring Other Worlds  

It became apparent that transdimensionals were not only communicating by appearing in the photographs, but also that a secret form of art was being cleverly transmitted through these special superimposed images. 


The psychic artist's task at this point became to trust the process and try to create the mental environment to facilitate the supernatural communications, and of course to supply the camera-work. 


The spiritually meaningful illustrated transdimensional messages are then imprinted on the photographs, needing only to be discovered, mirrored and edited. The image creation has to be very closely coordinated by transdimensionals in order for them to display as unusual art with a message. 





Featered Keeper of Earth Memory 




Strange Horizons 

When mirrored exactly, the Mirari show cohesive pictures containing mystical imagery that manifests as images of supernatural beings as well as esoteric, symbolic and totemic imagery design. 


As well, many of them also contain multiple other visible spirit images which were somehow inserted into the picture at various sizes to become cohesive parts of the completed pieces. 


It was amazing to realize that each of these special images only became apparent when mirrored exactly in the centre. The art is never searched for by adjusting the mirroring. If it becomes a Mirari, it has displayed its image precisely at the centerline one of four ways. 


It was discovered that some of the Mirari were meant to be viewed as negative images also, giving between one and eight variation possibilities for each viable photo, although it's rare to find a photo that presents more than four ways.  


It is a fascinating fact that spirit imagery is also frequently presented on a photograph upside down and sideways, as well as along the correct orientation.  Set text color


This means that the same photo can be mirrored four ways and theoretically contain images that display upright and form coherent pictures in any version, and this does happen quite often. Some can even be displayed meaningfully when turned 180 ° and shown upside-down


To learn more, please download the free eBook Mirari Dreams Spirit Art . It contains images and extra information as well as a Mirari demonstration section detailing how the pieces are created from start to finish. 


Unlike my other photographic work, where each image is edited for anomalies and the results shared, Mirari are presented primarily as an art form, so usually there will be no detailed analysis of the pieces, and the viewer is left to interact with the image in any way they wish. 


Different people will have different experiences. The longer the interaction with a Mirari image, the more a person will see and perceive.


There are many to select from, and they each carry unique energies, so different people will be drawn to and prefer to work with particular pictures if they wish to use them as meditation or gazing tools. 




Shifting Realities





The Magical Light 

Light is beautiful. Light is electromagnetic radiation. Light travels in quantum particles, little packets called photons. It weighs nothing, having no mass at all. It is weightless energy. 


Prana and Chi are just two of the many names for the life-force energy that flows through all living beings. It flows though us as Kundalini energy. This life-force energy is condensed light. It's magical stuff. 


The Mirari Light Transmissions are unusual explorations of the light itself, and the interactions of spirits, human and otherwise, within it, with a supernatural cooperation occurring deliberately between the artist, light, landscape and world of spirits. 


Because many of the photos mirror more than one way, making astounding sets of pictures, and some of them were clearly positioned to take advantage of the negative image as well, each photographic  candidate is checked very carefully in as many combinations as possible.


It seems that  an unusual and difficult to categorize relationship is being maintained with 'the other side', a delicate one, rather like the colored mists that decorate the images I receive. 


The quantum expertise necessary to organize the details that come together to create such images - landscape features, spirit imagery, light, negative and positive polarity, centerlines etc. - is a lot more in the hands of spirits than in my own. 


Spirits paint with the light, and it has made me aware that every bit of light in use here in our physical  reality may also be something else, even something connected, in another world .  




The Lotus Pool - A Meditation 




Symbols and Signs 

The Mirari are full of symbols created by the juxtaposition of aspects of the landscape, particularly trees, with the work of spirits to manifest in amazing ways. 


Magically speaking, symbols are much more than just flat, lifeless images. They are used traditionally when making talismans and charms. This is because the 'power', or energies being made use of, reside to a degree within the symbol itself. 


Some of these symbols will be recognized by almost everyone and others are more obscure, but they all attract certain forces that they are naturally vibratorily attuned to. 


This means that the scalar wave pattern created by a symbol becomes resonant with the larger vibrations or emanations of its associative energy, magnetizing more of that same force to it, theoretically imbuing magical objects and talismans with greater power in order to perform a function in keeping with the core energy it is vibrating in sympathy with. 


This is in fact how sympathetic and folk magic work. It's all about resonance.  


Acts of magic can be very simple or incredibly complex, but they are all designed to manipulate or interact with the quantum field and bring about desired changes. This includes prayer. 


Human intent and will are absolutely key factors in bringing about such seemingly magical changes within normal, mundane life. 




The Masked Lady




Not Ordinary  

The Mirari are not talismans, but they do have magical qualities, and are not birthed as ordinary photographs are. They are replete with symbols and otherworldly shapes and figures, and often have many layers of meaning within them. 


Some Mirari are simple and some are complex, but most contain paranormal transdimensional content and spontaneously generated symbology. Some however are included simply because they are beautiful in some unusual way. 


These symbols and shapes embedded in colored mists evoke mystical ideas and spiritual trains of thought, which is why they are suitable for active meditations. Landscape, color, shape and paranormal content combine to create art which resonates with many mystical energies and magical correspondences. 


When we mirror an image, we find a different type of reflection. A mirror reflects, and a mirror image exhibits symmetry. We also find this symmetry in nature when we see reflections in water, which is a natural mirror.  


Stunning landscapes can be captured in this way by the talented photographer. 

The other way to obtain mirrored images is of course as seen here, by using editing software that contains a mirroring program, which is how the Mirari are obtained post-photograph. The exact center is always the line of symmetry used when creating the Mirari. 


Usually when mirroring a normal photographic image in this way, the artist selects an image based on design, balance, beauty or novelty.  


Sometimes it's presented exactly as it is and mirrored precisely in the middle, or it could be mirrored at any point where the best visual effects are found and then cropped to achieve plane symmetry. 


This is usually done because of the aesthetic importance of symmetry to the human brain, and the way we tend to perceive mirrored imagery. 








Symmetry and Society  

The word symmetry is derived from the Greek 'symmetros', which means 'measured together'


The first examples of symmetry deliberately imposed on objects to be found so far are exhibited in early hominin-constructed tools over 1.5 million years old. 


The mind seeks symmetry, but symmetry also happens to be very advantageous to us in many ways. 


Of course, equal beauty is found in the asymmetry of nature, which also tends to contain symmetry within itself at some level. We usually need a balance of each, and the natural world supplies this. 


But the world has changed very rapidly. Today sadly many people feel scared and threatened when they are alone in nature, preferring the comforting constructed urban areas that we have built to live in together, and in which there is an abundance of orderly symmetry. 


The human brain is drawn to such symmetrical design, and many people feel more secure with these constant visual reminders of order, human construction and civilization all around them. 


The constructs of our modern society are deliberately designed using symmetry. Our clothing, transport, working and living environments all exhibit a lot of symmetry. 


Music and visual arts also make heavy use of symmetry. It's everywhere we look in our contemporary world, right down to the way we decorate our homes and keep our gardens. As humans, we seek 



In design and artistic creation, using symmetry is one way in which we can render things decorative and pleasing to the eye. It gives a sense of harmony, balance and proportion to an image .





Ice Bear Magic 





Reflection Symmetry 

In mirroring an image, we have taken half a picture and made a new, complete whole.  


As the selected half of an image is mirrored, it is displayed in reverse on the other half of the picture, meeting in the exact center-line (line of symmetry) to form a brand new, and sometimes very interesting picture. 


With this reversal of right and left (in itself an act familiar to folklore, magic and ritual) the resulting image now appears as though the selected side were being viewed in a mirror. 


In the case of the Mirari, the new image often bears very little resemblance to the landscape that the camera was pointed at when the photograph was taken, because the photograph itself contains the landscape covered with paranormally superimposed elements of various descriptions.


These elements together with the mirroring create a kaleidoscope of unusual images.  


When we look at a piece of photographic art that contains such paranormal strangeness, what might we really be witnessing? 


Might we be seeing the reflections of emanations from the world of spirit cast onto the light, bright shadows from Otherwhere shown mistily against a backdrop of (and partially making use of) the local landscape, mirrored into coherence by the artist to make at least partially visible the designs of transdimensional entities? 



Scrying with Mirari Images 

There are many methods of scrying, and everyone has heard of psychics using crystal balls and magic mirrors. Whatever instrument is used for scrying, it’s true purpose is to focus the attention, enabling the scryer to enter the light dissociative trance that enables impressions and visions to form. 


When meditating or scrying (gazing) with the Mirari, which should be viewed at a comfortable size, a good way to begin is to use free-association, allowing the mind to pick out shapes and symbols, faces and figures as it wishes, bringing about a natural linking with the subconscious. 


The veils of color and luminance contain a rich repository of imagery. The natural formations that make up the rural landscape combine with the colored lights and spirit manifestations to form otherworldly and mystical landscapes. 


For centuries people have believed that both mirrors and images can be used as portals to other worlds  

under the right (or wrong) circumstances. They can be used to access the subconscious mind. They can also be used as a point of contact between humans and transdimensionals.





The Visit





Working with Transdimensionals 

The spirits working with me to produce this art have to be present at the exact time and place to intersect with my random camera shots, taken swiftly one after another, coordinating placement, time and space as well as the background environment in order to create images that position themselves exactly at the centerline each time, ready for mirroring. 


The coordination required for this is beyond any skill the artist possesses, requiring an incredible transdimensional dexterity which quite probably necessitates the bending of time and space to accomplish.



The Mirari as Portals to Other Worlds 

Pictures, like mirrors, can be and are used as portals to other worlds. Occultists and psychics have known this for a very long time. At a very basic level everything is interconnected and can therefore be accessed by those who understand how to do so. 


If you have experience working in this way, the photographs can provide a point of contact that can serve as a focus. It's therefore possible to create a mental link to the energies of entities who have made themselves manifest in the photographs, anchoring their energy into the electronic presence of the image itself. 


Part of the beauty of this art lies in its ability to demonstrate to viewers what some of these supernatural beings look like, or rather, how they wish to appear to us. 


Spirits and energies from many cultures and times have created their images as an outward manifestation of their energy and frequency signatures. 


As with all spiritual work, caution is advised. My advice would be not to attempt to work with any images that feel negative to you, or that you do not like. 


The images can be used as a personal interface for accessing our superconscious minds, like Tarot cards, providing a powerful yet simple way to access and experience energies from the worlds that exist 'behind' our own visible world. 


These energies lead to contact with the world of faeries and elemental energies as well as the natural worlds of animals and plants. This includes power animals and teachers from the realms of insects, plants and minerals. 


They can of course simply be appreciated as a colorful and unusual art form by those who prefer this.




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