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When I was first discovering the Mirari as a new type of spiritual, and indeed, spirit art, I felt as though I were finally seeing a little bit of the land behind the familiar land that we all see every day - the undiscovered country.

This was a marvelous concept because my connection to landscape has always been extremely strong, mystical and very important to me personally, and I'm always equally interested in what can't be seen as I am in what can - or more so.   

To be able to view the landscape in this way leads to an enchanted world, or perhaps otherworldly, view. Nothing is really as it seems. Everything has a message. All of the natural world has something to tell us, and this includes transdimensional input. It's going on around us all the time. I always knew this and felt it most strongly.   

This is a selection of Mirari that contain thought provoking esoteric and metaphysical imagery.   




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Jane Tripp