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The Psychedelic Kaleidoscope 


Psychedelic means 'mind manifesting' and when applied to art broadly it generally means any art which is inspired by hallucinatory experiences. 


Inspiration for psychedelia is obviously usually attributed to visions seen while under the influence of psycho-active substances, but in this instance, the visions, or imagery, are manifested spontaneously onto photographs via a presently unknown phenomenon or technique. The colors and formations found in some of the Mirari appear naturally psychedelic, exhibiting surreal and mind-stimulating effects. 


Color feeds the soul. The world has become increasingly beige and gray. Neutral colors are very popular. While it's true that neutral and earth colors are restful and non-stimulating, the reality is that our minds need all the colors available, just as our bodies need all the basic food groups. In this way all art provides natural color-therapy. 


The psychedelic Mirari do not all contain obvious paranormal content, although some certainly do, but were instead selected deliberately for their psychedelic and surreal thought-provoking content.  


While enjoying these pictures the viewer is also offered the mind-nourishing experience of being able to see brightly-colored photographic paranormal or pareidoliaic psychedelia, while allowing the mind to relax and wander where it will among the formations and hues of the Mirari Dreams. 


This becomes a creative process, because the images shift and change while the brain is constantly searching for recognizable shapes, patterns and color combinations.  If they are not present in an immediately recognizable form, the brain begins to attempt to locate and create coherence within the images in other more novel ways. This is when the subconscious comes out to play. 




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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp