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Portals, Thresholds and Gateways


Portals are natural, technological or magical doorways. The type of portal referred to here is of course the magical sort, the type through which Otherworldly beings manifest as light and shadow, ghostly imprints in the digital landscape. 


Magical portals, like mirrors, have always intrigued people, and they have been used as devices many times in works of fiction. But do they really exist? I think they do, in many different forms. 


In a very real sense, it's possible that genuine portals are being captured in the Mirari images. This is because paranormal content mingles with the landscape, creating images that clearly show people, as well as unknown types of entities, 'stepping through' into our own reality. 


These areas on the photographs may represent temporary or permanent 'soft' places, liminal thresholds, points of contact between where we are and just the other side of here


Sometimes the Mirari exhibit qualities that make them appear just as we might imagine magical portals would look like.


This alone would make them merely pretty or interesting, but when ghostly figures are captured in these very same images, as they frequently are, the portal concept suddenly becomes a lot more 'real'.


Look for the shadowy figures in some of the Mirari portal images - you will see them. 



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