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Shrines and Altars


A shrine is a sacred space, indoors or outdoors, private of public, and is often dedicated to deities or ancestors and then used as a spiritual focus. They may contain icons and sacred images, symbols and statues, and sometimes relics and holy objects.


If sacrifices or votive offerings are made within this space, the shrine then becomes more of an altar, but the only sacrifice required to interact with the Mirari images is time. 


Shrines and altars can be simple or complex, plain or extravagant, and they tend to be created using individual and very personal artistic expression. They are often colorful and can be visually beautiful. 


The concept of the Mirari exhibiting as shrines and altars, not in any sense related to worship or adoration, but instead as points of contact facilitating communion with self, or even with otherworldly beings, is in many ways an ongoing experiment. 


This concept is understood well by proponents of the Faery Faith, which is not a religion in any way but is rather as a cooperative partnership between humans, nature and transdimensionals allowing for a greater and more holistic bonding with the planet and all the life she supports.  


The digital wayside shrines have in this sense become meeting places, focal points guiding us within, which is the only place there ever really is, from the point of view of our shared holographic reality. 


The Mirari are visual spaces or locations, digital wayside shrines where in contemplation we might feel a personal sense of mystery or mysticism, or perhaps even anticipation, as we explore the possibility that our own world, and our individual lives, frequently intersect with the landscapes and inhabitants of other, unknown worlds. 


The fact that exotic and seemingly inexplicable events are nested within the mundane fabric of our everyday world, gleaming seductively like moonlit veins of silver in dull lead ore, has never failed to fascinate us through the centuries.  


Permeating our seemingly stable reality with strangeness, the supernatural, when  

experienced personally, often becomes a catalyst prompting inner spiritual searching and growth. 




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