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Welcome to August 12 Star Gate


August 12 Star Gate offers the following sections:


·      August 12 Star Gate  Gallery - The Otherworld Art of Jane Tripp 

·      River of Light  - Impressionist Landscape Photography 

·      Consorting with Spirits  - See Real Ghosts! 

·      Underworld Reflections  - See Real Fairies! 

·      Mirari Dreams  - Amazing Photographic Art Created with Spirit Cooperation 

·      The Pirates of Time  -  Absolute Proof of Time Travel 

·      Dame Wotta Tripp Advice  - The Funniest Site on the Internet 



Scroll down the page to see the variety of unique experiences that are available in each individual section. Click on an image to visit the corresponding site: 





August 12 Star Gate Gallery 

This gallery showcases the Otherworld art of Jane Tripp. Experience visionary landscapes and mythic art that will transport you to other worlds



Visit August 12 Star Gate Gallery






River of Light 

Impressionist landscape photography by Jane Tripp. Many of the unusual, beautiful and haunting images are made extra-special by the presence of real ghosts in the mystical landscapes. A truly different vision of the natural world around us. 



Visit River of Light Impressionist Photography






Consorting with  Spirits

Amazing photographic images of ghosts and spirits. 



See Ghosts Now! 

Jane Tripp is a photographic medium.


This is a type physical mediumship that manifests as the ability to receive interdimensional data in photographic images.


This means that she record many different types of anomalies, including but not limited to: ghosts and spirits, elementals, light phenomena, UFOs, interdimensional beings, past visual records, superimposed scenes and time anomalies.


Visit Consorting with Spirits to see an incredibly wide range of compelling paranormal photography.  






Underworld Reflections 

Photographing Faeries - real photographs of faeries and elementals in full colour and stunning detail. 



See Fairies Now!


People say that fairies don't  exist, and that even if they do, you can't photograph them.


Well, I can, and maybe you can too! Explore this section to see photo after photo of real, live fairies and elementals. 


Take a breathtaking glimpse into a world that co-exists invisibly side by side with our own, rarely seen or experienced but nevertheless a potent living force within the planet.




For centuries tales of the world of Faerie have ignited an abiding and magnetic fascination in people around the world. Now you have a chance to really see some of the inhabitants of this hidden realm, an opportunity you won't want to miss.


Being able to photograph into the secret world of fairies and elementals and share them with other people is a privilege I'm thankful for. I have hundreds of photographs that contain images of these magical and otherworldly beings. Visit Underworld Reflections  to begin seeing fairies. 





Mirari Dreams 

Fantastic photographic Shamanic art created by Jane Tripp with the full cooperation of Spirit Beings. 



Visit Mirari Dreams & See Spirit Art


Each image is created from landscape photographs that are taken randomly especially for this purpose. These images are mirrored in an image editing program.   


Normally this would not often create a particularly interesting image, as ordinary mirrored pictures become boring after a while, but these images are created in an unusual way.  


Made in cooperation with the spirit world, they contain shapes and figures that reveal shamanic messages and representations. Full of spirit forms, colored lights and dimensional shifts, these overlaid landscape images create vibrant little worlds full of wonder. 


I make it a point to mirror an image exactly in the center each time. I don't go hunting for imagery by experimenting with mirror positions. In other words, when spirits manifest images that only become apparent upon precise center mirroring, these spirits had to manifest at the exact point necessary to create the image, even if sideways or upside-down.


Visit Mirari Dreams to see the beautiful and evocative images and find out more about the process of creating this unique form of spirit art. 





The Pirates of Time 

Absolute proof of time travel and other covert ops offered completely free to every visitor.


Visit The Pirates of Time



Discover the truth today, because every adult who lives on this planet deserves to know what is really going on. 


The three books below are packed with amazing photos that will prove to you without a doubt that time travel - and many other sinister and secret operations - are taking place without the knowledge or approval of the people on this planet.


With over 500 pages and 685 incredible photographic images it's likely that these books contain the most fascinating information you've ever seen!


These discoveries will change the way you see reality, and they are beiing shared with you today so that not only will you see the truth, but you will lean how to uncover this proof for yourself.



Click on a book-cover & download all 3 right now - they're completely free!





 Download Why You Should Edt Phhotographs Download Proof of Time Travel Download How to Edit Photos & Discover BIG Secrets



Discover the truth today, because every adult who lives on this planet deserves to know what is really going on.





Dame Wotta Tripp Advice 

A wickedly dark and humorous advice column run by Dame Wotta Tripp, who claims "humor is best taken black with no sugar".


Visit Dame Wotta Tripp Advice


The world can be a vicious place, and after finding out the truth, everybody deserves a good laugh. Join Wotta Tripp as she dispenses harsh but helpful and accurate advice. 

Explore over 200-plus ever-expanding pages of hilarity which include the following sections:


Dame Wotta Tripp


Wotta Tripp Dating

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Night Letters Dating Advice

Wotta Works online shops

Wotta Waters perfumery

Spells & Magical Services

Magic Godmother Service

The Confessional


Cat's Corner, including 'Essays by Ishfold'. Ishfold is Dame Wotta Tripp's familiar & feline 'animal companion'

'Absolutely Scandalous!' internet group

and Much More.






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