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Welcome to The Pirates of Time


My name is Jane Tripp and I have discovered Absolute Proof that Time Travel is Taking Place


I'm fully prepared to back up my claims and I will give you the proof. It's that simple.  


To find out how I made this incredible discovery, please explore this site.  


For some people, this will provide the proof for an activity that they already 'know' is real. 


For those of you who arrive at this site bearing the burden of first-hand knowledge due to having been involved in similar programs, you may have bravely told your story, you may not, but either way you will not have been able to prove your claims to the general public


Having seen the proof and realized that time travel indeed takes place, people will be much more willing to listen to your individual stories. 


Being given the gift of the truth carries a certain responsibility. Once you have reviewed the proof and realized that the world is not as you thought, the way you think will necessarily change. There is no way to avoid it. 





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The Pirates of Time





The truth is the only place to reasonably start from, and it should probably also be taken into account that anything not in service to the truth is instead in service to that which is not in our best interests.


So please explore the time travel information available on this web site and download the eBooks so that you can discover the hidden truth and understand for yourself the implications of this information. 


The eBooks contain hundreds and hundreds of pages filled with fascinating, priceless and never-before-seen information packed with the proof that you and your friends and family need in order to discover the incredible truth about time travel in graphictext-accompanied photographic images:




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Proof of Time Travel 


 Why You Should Edit Photographs


How to Edit Photos and Discover BIG Secrets




 Extra eBook

In Her Hand


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In Her Hand - Time Travel in 19rh Century Canada




The 'Links'  section has been created specifically to enhance any extra research you might want to carry out on time travel and related areas of interest. 


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Jane Tripp - Author of 'The Pirates of Time'

Jane Tripp



The images below were all found in vintage photographs over 100 years old. Download your 3 FREE books and discover the mind-blowing truth for yourself. 

The colours are acquired during the editing process.  


Below: space helmet  

Space Helmet 



Below: cell phone-like device

Cell-phone from helmet 



Below: child in space-helmet and suit with apparatus 

Child in space suit




Below: craft over the roof of a residential school 

Craft 100 years ago over school




 Below: a tiny but perfectly formed screen found on modern equipment in a photo over 100 years old

Tiny screen from contemporary equipment