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The Truth - It's About Time 


The Discovery - I Was Taking A Break

Just before my discovery I had decided to take a little break from paramormal pursuits and concentrate on painting and more mundane interests for a month or two.



And Then Something Happened

But it was at this point that I also discovered one of the most closely guarded secrets of all time – literally – while on completely unrelated business. 


Or so I thought.


I was creating vintage calendars for a local market using interesting photographs from the historical archives of the small Canadian town where I currently live. 


One of these century-old photographs in particular caught my eye, and what I subsequently discovered was so shocking and entirely incredible that it changed my life.  



What Jane Tripp Discovered 

Many people will remember the story of the cell phone spotted in an old Charlie Chaplin movie that hit the news in October of 2010. Irish filmmaker George Clark noticed what looked like a woman using a cell phone in the silent 1928 movie, 'The Circus'. He put the clip on YouTube, where it immediately went viral, scoring him a lot of publicity and interviews. 


It did in fact have a time traveler in it, but it's by no means an isolated incident, nor is it the earliest. 


Two years prior to the media interest this story created, I already had on my computer dozens of photos with time travel operations featured in them, some from the 1800's


That's because there are thousands of these photos in existence, and they are freely available all over the place, and I can show you how to find them. 



The Proof -  It's About Time 

The time travel experiments I am documenting do not resemble episodes of Star Trek or Dr. Who. This is about malicious and far beyond top secret black ops that have caused unimaginable suffering. 


The truth is that although the treacherous people responsible for these time travel  experiments are guilty of treason, murder and very much more, this sinister and shadowy group can only continue to control finances and governments on a global scale so long as the majority of the world population remains unaware of them as plutocratic master-manipulators, along with their deadly and potentially disastrous use of super-technology. 


The scale of it all truly seems beyond belief, which is precisely why people have such a difficult time believing it in the first place. It's much easier to dismiss the subject as nonsense. 


But at some point they are going to have to believe it, because it's all true


I hope that disclosing my discoveries and also the techniques I use to uncover such clear evidence in my own work will lead to many more people carrying out similar and even better research in the name of freedom from all covert manipulation at the hands of those who are right now controlling and manipulating our reality. 


That is why I'm offering these books free to everybody, so please take advantage of this opportunity and share the link with all the people you know as well.


The truth of this strange story will become apparent to anyone who takes the time to read my books and examine the fascinating photographic images contained in them. 


The 3 books offered here are designed to expose secrets - secrets so big and dark and utterly mysterious that many people have died because of their power. 


But there are some things that no man or woman has the right to keep secret from anybody else. 


And the good thing about pernicious secrets is that once they have traveled around enough they are not secrets any more, and then they begin to lose their power. 


A shadowy and supposedly all-powerful group has been keeping astonishing information from us for rather a long time. 


Time Travel is taking place, and has been for many years. 


Some of you will not surprisingly say that this is rubbish and not possible, but the free books have been written precisely for those of you who would like to see some clear proof. 


Many knowledgeable people have bravely come forward over the years and reported their experiences taking part in covert time travel and teleportation operations. Although most of these stories are in fact true, these people unfortunately can't offer the necessary proof to their justifiably fascinated audiences as they often only have their memories as evidence. 


But now, finally, for the very first time the world is going to get the actual proof that time travel is occurring today. 


You will be given a mind-blowing amount of this proof, absolutely free of charge. It's yours for the taking, because what is happening simply isn't right, and everybody should know what's going on. 


Much of the money that has disappeared is a direct consequence of trillions of dollars consistently being spent on time travel and other black-budget operations, while the world goes down under the weight of deliberately engineered disasters, poverty, disease, war and control. 


This is probably the most incredible opportunity you will ever have to find out the real truth. 


Not only that, but you will be able to learn how to prove these astonishing facts for yourself as well as to those around you. 


The more people who see the irrefutable evidence I am offering, the better the chances that the power that this secret holds over the world will come to an end. 


Just download the books and they will prove to you that weaponized time travel and many other covert exercises are happening right now, in today's world, and then learn how to easily obtain your own evidence of this with a computer and an image editing program


You are encouraged to download all the books and to share this page with other people, because the time has arrived when the world can finally learn the truth. 


Uimaginable as it seems that there could in fact be any evidence of such activities, that is exactly what has secretly been left for us - proof of time travel.







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Time travel - it's not what you think 





Jane Tripp - Author of 'The Pirates of Time'

Jane Tripp



The images below were all found in vintage photographs over 100 years old. Download your 3 FREE books and discover the mind-blowing truth for yourself. 

The colours are acquired during the editing process.  


Below: space helmet  

Space Helmet 



Below: cell phone-like device

Cell-phone from helmet 



Below: child in space-helmet and suit with apparatus 

Child in space suit




Below: craft over the roof of a residential school 

Craft 100 years ago over school




 Below: a tiny but perfectly formed screen found on modern equipment in a photo over 100 years old

Tiny screen from contemporary equipment