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Time Travel 

Your understanding of time travel is probably different from mine, but I think that yours will be changed forever when you have assessed the information that I am making freely available to anyone who wants to download it. 




Time Travel is a subject that fascinates a lot of people and there are many separate points of view as to its attainability, as well as the form that it will take once it is attained.    


The idea of traveling in time is utterly intriguing. There have been countless movies, video games, books, articles and even songs created about the subject.    


Apart from the more recent stories that have been written about time travel, there are also numerous possible examples found in myths and folklore from around the world.    


In these tales there are many descriptions given that are arguably suggestive of traveling in time.   



Ancient & Modern Time Travel  

Did time travelers from the future visit Earth in ancient times? This is not a random theory. There are some very interesting historical artefacts around the world that offer compelling evidence of technology that once rivalled or even far surpassed our own.    


For the people who take the time and trouble to look more closely and correlate the data, a different picture emerges than the one we are force-fed by mainstream historians and scientists.    


We are constantly visited by people of extraterrestrial origin, and always have been. And, yes, some of them travel deliberately through time, and yes, so do we.     


Or at least, some of us do.    


It's a sad fact that we still don't know who we are, where we came from and where we are going. It's surreal because of the strange circumstances that brought about our present condition of almost total ignorance.    


 We are a race of human beings populating a planet in a universe about which in reality we know very little.    


Most intelligent, curious, thinking people have by now been able to deduce that we are not alone, never have been alone, and also that the universe is endlessly populated with the diversity that is the trademark of life itself.    


If proof is required, it just takes a little effort and research to come to the startling conclusion that we are basically at present a heavily enslaved race on a planet that is being ruled and manipulated by very evil human beings, and that other races from other planets certainly have played a part in that manipulation.    


The sudden giant technological leaps that have occurred over the last one hundred years or so are neither an accident nor coincidental.    


And yet the very apex of technological achievement as we might presently understand it, the ability to time travel and utilize teleportation techniques, has been kept a secret from the entire world.     


The pretence that it doesn't exist, along with all the sci-fi and other media attention that the subject gets, has helped convince the public that: 




  • Time Travel does not yet exist, although reputable mainstream scientists are 'looking into it'
  • Time Travel might become a reality one day, if everything goes right 
  • Time Travel may never be a reality - it just might not be possible 
  • Even if we do learn how to time travel, we will only be able to go forwards, not backwards  


This way, everything goes round and round in a flurry of endless speculation. Those are the exactly perfect circumstances to keep the real truth about time travel secret for as long as is necessary to complete a very sinister agenda.  


This is because the technology is presently used for great evil. It doesn't have to be that way, but right now it is.     


Taking time travel and teleportation from Beyond Top Secret status to that of Total Transparency is what is necessary to call a halt to the present terrible weaponized exotic technologies that are being used against people.    


As such operations go largely unnoticed by the entire world, proof is what is necessary, and proof is what I can provide.   



Traveling in Time  

The ability to move backwards and forwards in time creates its own sets of problems and rules.    


It's easy to convince people that these potential problems are at present insurmountable, and that if time travel ever does happen, it will take place firmly in the future, not the present.    


Mainstream scientists speculate on the various theories regarding time and our possible ability to manipulate it. They seem to feel that while forward time travel might one day be a reality, traveling back to the past is less likely to be possible.    


Yet I can prove to you that people have gone backwards in time, over and over again, experimenting on innocent victims, including children, in a criminal manner.


Not only that, but they've already been doing so for half a century.   



Forward Time Travel  

Why do scientists generally believe that going forward in time will be much easier than going back?    


It's considered necessary to travel at or near the speed of light to move in this way back through time, something many people believe is impossible anyway.     


It isn't impossible, but it isn't the only way, either.    


To accomplish speed-of-light space travel would require building a warp drive. This is a propulsion system that has faster-than-light capabilities.    


It would create a warp field in space and time, but it would also contain within it a bubble-like area of artificially-created 'normal' space-time, and this is where the space vehicle would sit as it traveled at superluminal speeds.    


But a shadowy group of people have already got their hands on the technology to accomplish temporal travel by some other method, apparently achieving the goal of traveling through time, as well as the development of teleportation technologies.    


And according to the testimony of those who claim to have been involved, they can apparently travel forwards in time.     


But they also can and do usually travel back to the past, because it's the past that they mainly wish to access in order to accomplish their nefarious secret goals.    



Backwards Time Travel  

Traveling to the past is theoretically possible in a number of different ways. Two of the main ones are:


  • Traversable worm holes 
  • Faster than speed of light travel, as discussed 




Wormholes are tunnel-like distortions in space that form a link between two separate points in time and space. We already know that they exist.    


A traversable wormhole is one that can potentially be navigated by an appropriate craft.    


This link between the two points theoretically allows swift travel between two different times and places that would normally be separated by vast amounts of time and space.    


Fascinating as this concept is, it involves finding a suitable natural wormhole, and then traversing it via a space-craft to whatever lies at the other end, with no option as to where that might be.    


Useful though this would be after achieving high-tech space travel and having mapped out the universe around us, it would not specifically benefit the band of space pirates you will be introduced to in my work.     


Their interest lies in plundering the past for people, wealth and temporal power. They think they rule the world, now and back through time, but that's mainly because nobody knows what they are up to.    


They have other more convenient means of travelling temporally at their disposal, so that they can target the correct times and places as they fit into their operational plans.     


Knowing how to open your very own artificial wormholes is a great asset, but it also requires massive amounts of energy to do so. It's thought that it would necessitate an extremely elaborate set-up designed to rip a hole in the very fabric of time and space.     


This set-up would include a lot of machinery and craft.     


It does anyway, but creating the energy needed to open a wormhole might not be quite so difficult as we've been led to believe.    


What if it's easier to accomplish than we think , leaving scientists and other interested parties left out of the loop floundering in a mass of incomplete scientific theorems and misinformation as they attempt to figure out how it would all work?  


Creating an Einstein-Rosen Bridge would bend space itself to connect two points in space, forming a short-cut between now and the past, and allowing for the use of coordinates to pinpoint time and place.    



HAARP & Time Travel  

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is usually associated with ionospheric investigation, which was supposed to be its primary function.    


 It was also expected to be used to investigate its potential use in areas of communications, surveillance and warfare, among other things.    


Download the free eBooks 'Why You Should Edit Photographs' and 'How to Edit Photographs and Discover BIG Secrets' to discover more about HARRP and its many secretive applications. You will find plenty of photographic evidence of it being used covertly.  


Regardless of which technology is used to accomplish traveling through time, the fact remains that they do have the appropriate technology right now, but it's most likely that HAARP is used during such interdimensional experimentations because it can generate massive amounts of energy.    


Where and how they may have received their present level of technology is covered in more depth in 'The Pirates of Time' presentation, which will be made available soon.  



Modern Time Travel  

Stephen Hawking made a suggestion that if time travelers existed in the future then they would have returned as tourists and we would know about it   


I find this to be utterly facile and ludicrous for too many reasons to fully itemize. In fact, it seems to be a possible deliberate red herring, especially when you take into account his supposed great intelligence and knowledge. It raises a warning flag.    


If someone has the technology to time travel, they almost certainly also have a variety of cloaking devices and/or disguises at their disposal. Visitors from the future would have every good reason to take very great care.   


If responsible, they would understand the concept of non-interference as well as the importance of neither contaminating or interacting with the past.    


Furthermore, it would be most foolhardy to let anyone living in the past know that you were a time traveler, because some of us are still very dangerous   


The chances are, any time travelers visiting us would probably be on a business trip of some sort anyway, and not here in the capacity of tourists.


 As well, there have been several people who have claimed to be time travelers. They may be liars, they may be delusional, or they may indeed be telling the truth, but it makes absolutely no difference, because no one 'believes in' time travel.    


Consequently I think it probable that we would rarely if ever run across a chrononaut, and that if we did, we wouldn't realize it, as precautions would have been taken.     


If we did run into them and understood who they were, it would most likely be because the travelers were aggressors, as are the ones I will be introducing you to in my free downloadable books.    


Time travel most certainly does take place here on Earth , and I'm quite sure it takes place everywhere else as well. But it isn't a technology to play with. On the contrary, mistakes could cost us all vey dearly.  


Does Stephen Hawking know the truth? Possibly. It's hard to tell, but he well might. It would explain his childish public attitude towards the subject, and show clearly whose side he's really on.    


 Obviously a sizeable number of people do know due to their direct involvement, but they are also still in an exceedingly tiny minority, and most people on Earth do not know about it, but that is all about to change   


I have discovered the proof that validates the stories of those whistleblowers who have come forward with their accounts of traveling in time and teleporting in secret government programs.    


This is literally the very closest kept secret in the world. It shouldn't be, and it's not going to be any longer, so if I disappear or if I suddenly die or am murdered in some way, it will be because I am helping to expose the criminal activities of these shadow-groups who are made up of the most badly behaved people on the planet.    


All the evidence points to the fact that many people have already lost their lives during the experimental stages of their many beyond-top secret projects.    


Going back in time with advanced technology at their disposal, they feel they can do exactly as they wish with no repercussions for their unethical and treasonous behaviour.     


Whether the involvement comes from DARPA, the CIA or any other of the many corrupt bodies and organizations in existence right now, those running these projects are among the most evil and hardened criminals to be found anywhere, and it's past time that everybody should come to understand this.



Time Traveler on a Cell Phone - The Charlie Chaplin Movie    

Done to death, the controversy surrounding the 1928 Charlie Chaplin silent movie 'The Circus' still gets some attention.     


There are other photographs that have also recently received similar interest because they seem to contain evidence of possible time traveling activities.  


But there are literally thousands of such photographs, not just two or three, and this is part of the huge secret that I am going to reveal to you.    


There was a major concern by researchers and other interested individuals that it couldn't be a cell phone because there were no cell phone towers back then and consequently nobody to talk to on one anyway.    


A cell site doesn't have to be on top of a tower . Mobile communications equipment has been around for years.   


When an artificial wormhole is created using HAARP, Tesla and other technologies it involves a lot of equipment and craft. An off-grid cell site system would be part of that set-up.    


A point is literally held open between 'now' and 'then', and communications are absolutely essential to the operation. Adult operatives who are sent back to another era are usually in constant and sophisticated contact with a base, even if that base is housed on a craft on the other side of here.     


If a headset isn't used, for instance if an agent is being sent back on a simple information-gathering operation where a head-set would be questioned by people who could see it, then a cell phone is the less visible covert alternative.    


Craft positioned at or in the mouth of a man-made traversable wormhole would necessarily have the equipment to be in contact with a mission-base in our present, as well as with operatives who are carrying out exercises in the past or future.    


Thinking a cell phone couldn't be used is just one example of the total lack of comprehension regarding the technology we actually have available for use today.     


This isn't surprising considering how much of this information is kept quiet and used secretly.     


People are time traveling even as you read this  


You don't have to take my word for it. Read 'Proof of Time Travel' and see the proof for yourself. It's free. Download the proof, and then please pass on this information to other people, because it's very important.  




I Want to Download the Proof Now




Please Note: The author is not a scientist, but rather the discoverer of definitive proof of time travel (among other things), taking place on this planet today. The 'Links' page for this 'Proof of Time Travel' section of the August 12 Star Gate web site has been provided for your convenience as a good starting point should you wish to begin researching or exploring the subject of time travel further. 







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The images below were all found in vintage photographs over 100 years old. Download your 3 FREE books and discover the mind-blowing truth for yourself. 

The colours are acquired during the editing process.  


Below: space helmet  

Space Helmet 



Below: cell phone-like device

Cell-phone from helmet 



Below: child in space-helmet and suit with apparatus 

Child in space suit




Below: craft over the roof of a residential school 

Craft 100 years ago over school




 Below: a tiny but perfectly formed screen found on modern equipment in a photo over 100 years old

Tiny screen from contemporary equipment