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You will find the following 3 free books containing over 500 pages of fascinating, priceless and never-before-seen information packed with the proof that you and your friends and family need to discover the incredible truth in over 680 text-accompanied photographic images: 



·         Proof of Time Travel 

·         Why You Should Edit Photographs 

·         How to Edit Photos & Discover BIG Secrets 



When people realize the reality of time travel and teleportation, and discover that they can find and uncover the proof of these and other covert activities for themselves, hopefully they will become part of a much larger network of people working specifically to make these covert black-ops public, and who will use the internet and any other means available to alert and educate others. 


In the end, people will demand transparency and full disclosure after they finally realize the depth and breadth of their betrayal at the hands of these pirates of time and re-writers of history. 


The unfortunate truth is that the age of time travel is already upon us, but it's being used against us all, now and in the past. The first thing they did when they obtained the necessary technology for time travel was to weaponize it and use it against us all


Despite the unfortunate circumstances of its present-day use, the knowledge that time travel technology exists and is a reality today also holds the promise of a tomorrow where people behave in a far more advanced and responsible way than they do now, and where technologies such as time travel and teleportation are used openly and responsibly, for the good of all. That time hasn't arrived yet, but it will


Many people have literally given their lives already to disseminate the secret information informing us exactly what - or who - keeps us all enslaved, having been murdered in order to silence them, and quite often the world does not even know that they ever existed in the first place


Their lives demonstrate true love for their brothers and sisters and true patriotism as well.


I think we have all been misinformed about patriotism. Isn't true patriotism really about owing our allegiance to all people everywhere on our home planet? 


That is the true definition of brotherly and sisterly love, caring for people, in fact for all life, with no thought for borders, culture, creed or any other differentiating factors.  


Living in this way, secrets are no longer necessary or even desirable. 


I want to thank you all individually so very much in advance for your ability as intelligent, open-minded people to comprehend and understand the gravity of the amazing things you are going to see and read, and also for your subsequent courage and cooperation in spreading this extremely important and beyond top secret information until it isn't a secret any more.




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Proof of Time Travel





Why You Should Edit Photos





How to Edit




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from the Pirates of Time Presentation


'In Her Hand' 


In Her Hand - Vintage Time Travel Photograph 

 Click the image above to purchase the incredible time travel document In Her Hand



In Her Hand




 The incredible image above is over one hundred years old, but it's no ordinary photograph, as you will discover when you purchase the fascinating eBook 'In Her Hand'.  


 It's cropped from a time travel photo. Rarely are they this obvious and easy to spot, but the strange item that this turn-of-the-century woman is holding in her hand could still probably be explained away by an inventive mind.


And if this were the only evidence presented in regard to this photograph it would be considered of possible interest, but very sketchy at best.


But it isn't the only evidence.


This riveting eBook is a photo-document from the Pirates of Time presentation that has been released as a special introductory preview. it can now be purchased here.


Inside the book are 159 pages and 350 photographic images devoted to establishing the absolute proof of time travel found in this vintage photograph, which was discovered in the historical archives of a small Canadian town in British Columbia.


If you take some time off from your busy day and read the text of this book while looking very carefully at the potographic evidence, you will know that time travel is a reality long before you finish this hard-to-put-down book.







Unknown Contemporary Instrument in Vintage Photograph 



   Negative of Unknown Contemporary Instrument in Vintage Photograph


A Modern Woman in a Vintage Photograph



Craft over the Author's House





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Jane Tripp - Author of 'The Pirates of Time'

Jane Tripp



The images below were all found in vintage photographs over 100 years old. Download your 3 FREE books and discover the mind-blowing truth for yourself. 

The colours are acquired during the editing process.  


Below: space helmet  

Space Helmet 



Below: cell phone-like device

Cell-phone from helmet 



Below: child in space-helmet and suit with apparatus 

Child in space suit




Below: craft over the roof of a residential school 

Craft 100 years ago over school




 Below: a tiny but perfectly formed screen found on modern equipment in a photo over 100 years old

Tiny screen from contemporary equipment