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Who is Jane Tripp?

Jane Tripp  was born in Derby, Derbyshire, England. She spent her childhood in Derbyshire, England. She currently lives in British Columbia, Canada, where she paints, photographs, researches and writes.  


Background and Early Years 

Fortunate enough to grow up in rural England, the beauty of the mysterious and exquisite scenery all around was not lost on me. I appreciated the aesthetics of the land from the beginning.


As I grew it had a very strong influence on me that fed into my fascination with paranormal subjects. Such matters still hold the same high level of interest for me many years later.


I spent time during childhood attempting to see beyond the limitations of my physical eyes into other worlds, just because I felt intuitively that it was possible.


My preoccupation with the mysterious world of the paranormal and the study and adventures that followed became a life-long fascination, an ongoing passion which has helped me to learn about and understand other related subjects.


Later on this understanding would underpin my research and experiments, allowing me to make some astounding discoveries that have been partly documented elsewhere on this web site.


I've divided the information about my work into separate sections:




Art has always had a great influence in my life, but I didn't gain a proper understanding of it until I started to paint myself. Learning to see as an artist opened up a new world for me, and I also learned to better appreciate many different genres of art as I studied other people's work and the creative process in general.


Once you learn to 'see' in that way it changes everything, as many people reading this will know for themselves.


My fascination with detail and texture led me to experiment with mixed water-media, and I began to create small paintings.


I began to paint seriously in 1992, using mixed water media. I experimented diversely with acrylics, watercolor, inks and pastels, working on canvas and paper, but when I discovered colored pencils I knew that I’d found something that excited me.


I saw an awesome creative potential in using them, and I found the work of other colored pencil artists fascinating and compelling, amazed at the amount of detail achievable using this medium.


I included colored pencils in my experiments and loved the control they allowed me while rendering detail as well as the saturation of color achievable by layering.


Since then I have used them as the primary medium in almost every painting I have completed.


I use colored pencil and watercolor pencils over grounds created with inks, watercolors and acrylics, as well as employing interference colors and metallic pigments.


I usually work on 130-140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper. My work is a reflection of my love of intricate detail and my deep desire to see more of other worlds.


I’m a mythic artist. My paintings reflect the spiritual myths and mysteries of Earth, and I usually select the point where our world intersects with other dimensions as a starting place for each piece.




Art Prints




Visit  August 12 Star Gate  Gallery to view the art or click the slideshow on the left to visit Fine Art America andview or purchase art.







A Change

Despite my love of painting, circumstances eventually steered me mysteriously but firmly in another different yet connected direction, one that was fully in keeping with my interest in the paranormal and Forteana of all descriptions.


I couldn’t have known at the time that some of my other life-long areas of interest, study and research, as well as my painting and writing, were preparing me for an entirely different kind of work, the pursuit of which would change my life forever.


I felt a need to express the mysticism of life through art. I had no experience taking photos. All that changed the day my family bought me a camera and l found out to my own and everyone else's amazement that I could express that mysticism spontaneously with nothing but a camera.




Paranormal Photography

I am a prolific photo-medium - someone with the ability to obtain paranormal anomalies in a photograph - and I capture these anomalies in all known categories.


My experiments and research in this direction led me to develop a photo-editing technique that has taken me on a fascinating journey into largely unexplored worlds where I have been able to discover some amazing but deeply-hidden secrets about the true nature of the photographic image.


As a result of this research I have become very interested in photographic imagery in general, but with perhaps a slightly different perspective than most people.


Since then my painting has taken a temporary back-seat to the intriguing work I am currently deeply involved in.


This is because I have since made some startling discoveries and I understand that I have to release the information for the benefit of the greater good.


Once accomplished, providing I am still here, I'll return to the gentler, happier work of painting and photographing paranormal anomalies.



Trans-Dimensional & Trans- Time Photography 

Discovering I could take photographs of other worlds was probably one of the highlights of my life. The wild journey that followed and its astounding results are documented in the following sections, along with detailed explanations and PDF files of downloadable text-accompanied photo galleries: 



My photography produces landscapes which contain tantalizing windows that reveal glimpses into other worlds, other dimensions and sometimes even other times. I photograph spirits, fairies and other paranormal phenomena, profusely. This work can be seen in the  Consorting with Spirits  and Underworld Reflections sections of the August 12 Star Gate web ste.




Art Photography

Impressionist Photographic Landscapes

A pleasure I developed along my journey, I love impressionist photography as an art form. River of Light  contains several galleries of haunting and evocative impressionist photography. 


Mirari - Interdimensional Photographic Art 

The Mirari Dreams gallery contains a unique expression of photographic art created with the cooperation of spirits. No similar photographic art experiment has ever to my knowledge been carried out, and the result is gorgeous art with real spirits visible within many of the pieces. 


Knowledge is treasure. Art is treasure. Both are gifts 


After all this my explorations were apparently still only just beginning. I went on to make a series of startling discoveries that verified for me certain information I already suspecteded to be accurate, but in a way I could never have foreseen.  


And then, in the middle of all this, while about totally unrelated business, I very suddenly made another discovery of such mind-boggling proportions that I literally had to put all my other work aside in order to research and confirm what I had found. 



I Discovered Absolute Proof of Time Travel 


Links to this important work can be found below.




Jane Tripp  is the author of three free books  that are available as a gift of proof for anyone who is interested in the truth. You are invited to see her exciting work and ground-breaking discoveries so that you can learn the real truth for yourself now. 


There are no forms to fill out and no information will be collected about you. Use the button below to go to the download page and simply click on any PDF file to save it to your computer.



Download The Truth/Proof Right Here! 




Current Work - The Pirates of Time

I'm currently working on completing the presentation 'The Pirates of Time - Parts 1 and 2'. They will present in-depth information about the astounding and irrefutable proof. To find out more about time travel, visit here.


'The Pirates of Time - Part 1'  will soon be available for purchase. 




Next - Photographing Fairies

I'm looking forward to completing a new book which I'd like to make available for purchase some time in 2014-15.


I’m producing a presentation of genuine faery and nature spirit photography with accompanying text, and I believe I will be the first person to ever have done this - so far. I have dozens of exciting and wondrous photographs.


Unfortunately I have to keep some of these specific images secret until they are published because they are phenomenal.


Although many photographs of real faeries (or fairies) will be featured, the book will focus upon one photograph in particular. It is the only photograph of a faery rade (the trooping of the faery) in existence, and you will be enchanted as I was when you see the wonderful details captured in it.


It's widely believed that faeries and elementals can't be photographed, but I can capture their images in photos, and I'm sure there are other people out there who can - maybe you can.


Please download your free books to find out more.




Coming Soon: 'The Faery Rade - Photographs from the Edge of the World' by JaneTripp


For a foretaste of Jane Tripp's faery, elemental and ghost photography, and to discover absolute proof of time travel, download your 3 free time travel and other secrets PDF books here  and your free PDF ghostly photo-galleries here






Please Note:

A few sections of this website are still under construction and should be completed shortly. Thank You for your patience.









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