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Painting the Landscape with Living Light 


Photography as Art

Many people don't realize that early photography had a great impact on the impressionist painting movement that blossomed in the mid-19th century. The history of impressionist and pictorial photography is at least as old as the impressionist painting movement is.  


The subject of any photograph is always about the light, and what it reflects off of in the sliver of time being recorded at the second the image is created. 


In this way all photographic images are valid, however elusive or intangible the image is, but only some become art in the sense that we understand it to mean. 


Pleasing compositions have certain elements in common, and this applies to art in general. 


With impressionistic photographic images, time plays a larger role in the images obtained than in a painting, having immediacy and relevance in relation to the moment it's created in. 


A painterly effect is desired and sought, so a crisp image is not required. In this way photographs take on a dream-like, evocative, even visionary quality, entirely changing the experience of the viewer. 


Patterns, form, color, texture, light and shadow become as important as object and subject. 


Impressionist photography is allowed to respond to movement and unusual perspectives, lending gestural brush-strokes of pure light and color to an image. In this sense it's very different from representational photography. 


Mystical images with gossamer-mists of colour and texture barely conceal scenes and shapes from view, giving tantalizing hints of hidden worlds. 


Images that are both mysterious and emotionally moving can be very impactful, and I'm presenting impressionistic photographs that are more 'painterly' in contrast to the normal sharp-focus picture. 


This leaves the viewer free to perceive the image that they are viewing as art. 


In some ways it no longer matters if the piece is created through the medium of painting, printing, photography or any other technique for creating imagery. It is the end result itself that carries an inherent importance to the viewer through it's psychic, emotional and intellectual impact. 


On the other hand, impressionist photography takes the magic of capturing a brief moment in time with a camera and combines it with the ability to create out of it a painterly and beautiful image in that same moment. 


The landscapes in my photos are important, but the aesthetic and artistic quality that are apparent in some of them are usually of far greater value to me. 


These are the impressionist (and on occasion even abstract) pieces that are presented here as paintings created with brush-strokes of colored light. 


Finishing the work by hand afterwards is very much part of the creative process, but although I personally might adjust such things as exposure and color, and rarely maybe even use a negative image or a curves program. I never add objects or forms to the image that weren't originally there. 


About the Ghosts 

The ghostly entities and other assorted anomalies that you will see appearing in many of my photographs are very real. 


They form the basis of my unique photographic spirit art, created in cooperation with extra-dimensional beings. They can be viewed in the 'Mirari Dreams' gallery. 


They can also be viewed specifically and in great detail in the paranormal sections of August 12 Star Gate.


'Consorting with Spirits' and 'Underworld Reflections' explore the world of ghosts, elementals and 'fairies', as well as trans-dimensional and trans-time photography, showcasing and detailing the phenomena very clearly in many of my photos. 


As a gift to my readers I am offering 3 free books that are packed with hundreds of the most mysterious photographs ever taken, as well as vital information that will show you how to discover and then reveal amazing secrets for yourself. They are available here


Mysteries within Mysteries 

These mysterious photographic images offer briefly opened doorways created by light and time, along with the realization that behind this color, form and light lie hidden many secrets. 


For me, this is an actuality. As a psychic photo-medium, at the same time that I'm using the camera and the light to paint with, spirits are often using time and that same light to impress their own images upon the photographs I'm taking. 


Like pictures in children's books in which you have to find the hidden images, many of my landscapes include genuine supernatural elements. 


My experience of the landscape informs me that it's sacred at many levels. To experience it as a living entity, but with many more dimensions than are visible, and to then also be able to experience it over again at an emotional and spiritual level as art through photographic images, is something I value highly. 


To be able to see the denizens of hidden realms also made visible in some of these same photographs is something priceless which I cherish and wish to share freely with other people. 


I hope you enjoy your experience on this site!








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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp