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August 12 Star Gate Mission Statement


The Truth Is Out There  



Never before have so many people living on our planet had the ability to help change the world from one room. The internet has allowed us to do this.



My Mission? 


 To Help Change the World from One Room 



Whatever form my work has taken, it has generally displayed the quality of revealing, or unveiling, hidden information, visual or otherwise. This was not planned consciously, but it is still what happened as my work developed over the years.  


Because of the information I have uncovered I am committed to delivering the truth to as many people as possible. 


The truth is out there, the truth is in here, the truth is everywhere... 



Please Note: although I want the subject matter of my work and research to convey to people a sense of wonder at the awesome mysteries of life - it's exciting stuff - at the same time I would like everyone to have a greater awareness of the extremely serious nature of some of the information I'm dragging out into the light of truth . 


It's one thing photographing fairies, and completely another discovering absolute proof of time travel. 


The truth. It should be a vital component of our lives. Right now many truths are being revealed to the world, but many more remain deeply hidden, known only by the few, and invariably used against the many. 


The secret crimes being committed against the people by shadowy groups are beyond awful, revealing a world more akin to a bad Dr. Who episode than the familiar, comfy stage-set we are used to dealing with. 


 Most people would never have guessed in a thousand years. Now they won't have to. 




Jane Tripp - August 12 2013 





Visit The Pirates of Time and See Some Real Proof of Covert Black Ops 






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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp