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Artist Statement  


The Origin of The Otherworld Art of Jane Tripp 


I’m a mythic artist. I use mixed water-media, with the bulk of my work being completed in colored pencil. I like the control it gives me over my subject. 


My paintings are landscapes which reflect some of the spiritual myths and mysteries native to Earth. 


This in its turn is a reflection of the subjects I have been most passionate about all my life. My fascination has always been with the nature of time, other-dimensional and parallel worlds and Forteana in general. 


I've been studying the paranormal and other psychic, occult and spiritual matters since childhood without any significant break. 


Because of this I always begin a painting at the point where our world intersects with other dimensions. It's the starting place for each individual piece. 


If I were to provide you with a window into my private world, I would paint a picture of a land peopled by spirits, elementals and daunting secrets that wish to finally be exposed and so have presented themselves to me so I can make them visible at last. 


This strange world, which I'm completely comfortable with, constantly intersects with my every-day life creating a mysterious personal landscape which nevertheless feels normal to me.  


Looking around at the 'ordinary' world assures me that my version wouldn't be normal for most people, and so I offer little visions, 'snapshots' that I am sharing of other places. Some people will even recognize them when they see them.  


My vision remains one of showing many, many people through different media - paint, camera and beyond - glimpses of secret, but very real, other-dimensional locations.  


My painted explorations precede my camera work by several years. 


Taking this personal mission extremely seriously but with a light heart allows me to focus, and my passion for other-worldly subjects never waivers. 


Experimenting with interdimensional photography work I have no conscious control over the images that manifest in the photos, but I can please myself what I focus on when I'm painting. 


The qualities of light, although similar to our own, play differently in other worlds, bending to the little-understood rules that apply in them. 


Colour is extremely important to me, and I use vibrancy and detail to try and capture the aesthetic of landscape in other dimensions, along with its rich strangeness, which is partly what I want to convey to you when you look at my paintings. 


I hope each person takes away something thought-provoking and positive from their visit to August 12 Star Gate, and I want to thank each one of you individually for your interest. 



Jane Tripp 


Three Trees by Jane Tripp 




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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp