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About Jane Tripp  


I'm an artist and I paint scenes from the 'Otherworld' - areas that exist in dimensions that many people aren't familiar with and might not even know about. 


When I'm painting I work in mixed water-media and although I usually employ several techniques on each piece, most of the work I do is completed in colored pencil and watercolor pencil on watercolor paper. 


I invite you to explore the paintings here in the August 12 Star Gate Gallery


I was born and grew up in Derbyshire, England, and now live in British Columbia, Canada. 


As well as being an artist, I'm also a writer, humorist, photographer, researcher and photo-medium. See all the other sections of this web site, including photographic art galleries, here


Being a photo-medium means that I can photograph interdimensionally and receive amazing imagery in different categories which include ghosts, entities, vignettes, UFOs, elementals, ET's, light anomalies and trans-time (photographing the past or future).  


I am the first person who has been able to prove conclusively that time travel and other illegal covert operations are taking place today, information that has now been released to the public for the first time, right here on this web site.  




For in-depth information about all my work, please visit Who is Jane Tripp?.




Consorting With Spirits - See Ghosts!


Underworld Reflections - See Fairies!



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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp