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About The Paintings  


I began to paint seriously in 1992, using mixed water media. I experimented widely with acrylics, watercolor, inks and pastels, but when I discovered colored pencils I knew that I’d found something that excited me.  


I saw an awesome creative potential, and I found the work of other colored pencil artists fascinating and compelling. 


Since then I’ve used colored and watercolor pencils in almost every painting I’ve completed over the years. I enjoy the control they give me when rendering detail, as well as the saturation of color that I am able to achieve. 


Although I've worked with canvas and acrylics in the past I prefer to work with mixed water-media. I use 130-140lb cold-pressed acid-free watercolor papers. They don't generally exceed  18 inches on their longest side. 


I often allow nature to help me to create the textured grounds I use in my work prior to painting on them. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. 


I use such techniques as freezing ink and paint directly onto the watercolor papers, trapping inks and other pigments under textured papers, fabrics or plastic sheets and then allowing them to dry before removing the extra materials and then stretching the paper ready for use. 


I’m a mythic artist. My work reflects some of the myths and interdimensional phenomena that abound on this planet, and I try to convey glimpses into these mysterious other-worldly landscapes through the paintings. 


When I paint, I want to create art that ecourages a sense of wonder in the viewer, making them curious about the hidden worlds that lie all around them. I want to convey a feeling of being open to unusual possibilities to people who look at my work. 




Scented Breeze by Jane Tripp 



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