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Hierarchical Sitemap

  • August 12 Star Gate offers guests the following experiences: 1 - August 12 Star Gate Gallery - The Otherworld Art of Jane Tripp. 2 - River of Light - Impressionist Landscape Photography. 3 - Consorting with Spirits - See Real Ghosts! 4 - Underworld Reflections - See Real Fairies! 5 - Mirari Dreams - Amazing Photographic Art Created with Spirit Cooperation, 6 - The Pirates of Time - Absolute Proof of Time Travel, 7 - Dame Wotta Tripp Advice - The Funniest Site on the Internet.

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  • The August 12 Star Gate Mission Statement.

  • August 12 Stargate Gallery showcases the otherworld art of Jane Tripp in the form of colorful mixed-water media mythic paintings with a Celtic flavor.

  • Jane Tripp iis an artist, psychic and photo-medium, photographer, author, investigator and humorist. Visit Dame Wotta Tripp Advice. See JaneTripp's incredible paintings, real ghost photos, real fairy photos, impressionist landscape photography and Mirari Dreams spirit art. Download three amazing books absolutely free where you will discover absolute proof of time travel and much, much more.


Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp