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  • Discover more about Jane Tripp, creator of Mirari Dreams spirit art pieces which reveal real ghosts and other entities within beautiful photographic imagery.

  • Jane Tripp describes the origin of her Mirari psychic photographic art, and the role that spirits play in co-creating it with her. The Mirari pieces are beautiful messages from a magic camera.

  • Contact Jane Tripp.

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  • The Sekhmet Gallery showcases Mirari art created with photographs in which images of Sekhmet the Egyptian lion goddess have manifested paranormally. These photos were then used to create the beautiful 'light paintings' you will discover here.

  • See how two separate pieces of Mirari art are created in this demonstration which details the process from the original photo through to the finished work.

  • The 'Mirari Dreams' gallery showcases the trans-dimensional photographic mirrored spirit art of Jane Tripp, who produces her work in cooperation with different types of supernatural spirits.

  • The Mirari Dreams shop offers many of the Mirari images for sale as art and also on a variety of giftware. Own a genuine piece of spirit art.

  • Mirari Dreams is a gallery of unique mirrored photographic art created in cooperation with the spirit world. Jane Tripp works with many types of sprits resulting in gorgeous art which displays visible images of ghosts and other supernatural entities. They can be seen superimposed within and across the surface of the landscape photographs used in creating the Mirari pieces and are the main focus of the work.

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  • The Genius Loci gallery showcases Mirari art in which spirits have manifested in the local landscape photographs the pieces were created from.

  • The Nightfall Gallery showcases Mirari pieces that have a darker, mysterious aesthetic.

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  • The Psychedelic Kaleidoscope Gallery showcases colorful and visionary Mirari pieces created by paranormal photographer and artist Jane Tripp.

  • The Psychomanteum Gallery showcases Mirari paranormal photographic art in which the dead make themselves visible for the viewer.

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  • Gorgeous photographic art created through the cooperation and alliance of many different types of spirits and elementals. This unique psychic art work is not channeled painted art, it's instead photographed by psychic Jane Tripp who is a spiritual photographic medium.

  • This article explores mirrors and their unique relationship with the paranormal.

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  • Random shapes against backgrounds such as rock, sky, water, trees, and other textured objects appear to create recognizable images. What role does this play in Mirari art?


Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp